Expulsion of Russian diplomats from Germany will not affect course of Normandy Four summit.

Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin


German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Germany is an event in bilateral relations between the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of Germany, but, in her opinion, it will not affect the course of the Normandy Four summit on Ukraine. Interfax-Ukraine reports.

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“I don’t think this incident will affect the meeting in a “Normandy format.” It will focus on Ukraine and how we can move forward in the Minsk process. But in matters of bilateral relations, this, of course, is an event ... We, to Unfortunately, they did not receive active assistance from Russia in the investigation of this crime," - the chancellor said.

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As we reported earlier, German federal prosecutors announced on Wednesday that they are taking over investigations into the murder of a Georgian asylum-seeker in Berlin.

According to German federal prosecutors, the Russian authorities may be involved in the crime. The German Foreign Ministry said it would take new measures if Moscow did not cooperate in the investigation of the murder.

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