Russia illegally occupied Crimea, Ukraine won't ask compensation for its annexation – Kuleba.

Ukraine said the temporary occupation of Crimean peninsula by Russia contradicted law thus the country would not demand compensation for it, Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba reported.

"Do you want us to recognize the illegal occupation, ask for compensation for this? Or how? Just pay the money, and everything will be fine? No. The strategy is completely different. We say that there is a temporary illegal occupation, emphasizing that it's a temporary phenomenon, it's illegal and that it's an occupation under international law. This is the starter position with which we are working to put an end to this occupation," Kuleba said in an interview with the 'Crimea. Realities' Crimean project of Ukraine's Radio Svoboda.

The minister stressed that for Ukraine it was important that jurisdiction of Russian Federation in a broader status than a status of the occupant state not to be recognized in the court proceedings.

"Certainly, companies have the right to file lawsuits. It is very important for us that the laws of the Russian Federation in no way recognize the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation in a broader status than the status of an occupying state. But our key task, my key task, as a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is to keep this framework here is a temporary illegal occupation," said Kuleba.

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