Near Kyiv, Mercedes rammed four cars at high speed, two people in serious condition.

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Near Kyiv, at entrance to the city of Brovary, Mercedes rammed four cars at great speed, as a result of which two people were urgently taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Informator reports.

According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the Mercedes, while intoxicated, raced at a speed that was significantly higher than 100 kilometers per hour. At the crossroads of Evgeni Zelensky and Kyivska streets, without slowing down, he rammed an Audi car, and then flew into the oncoming lane, where he crashed into three more cars.

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As we reported, on the night of December 8, in the center of Kyiv, on Volodymyrska Descent, an accident occurred with the participation of Audi and Skoda cars, as a result of which a woman died, four more people were hospitalized

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