Groysman calls for clear action to stop Russian aggression

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Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman believes that over the past year the world has not become safer, but he believes in the victory of democratic forces.

“The world hasn’t become safer, but threats became closer than a year ago,” he said, speaking at the 11th Kyiv Security Forum on Thursday.

He noted that the issue of the adequacy of the perception of the situation and the counteraction against threats is very urgent for the whole world.

“I believe in the victory of the democratic world and in the defeat of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes,” he said.

Groysman also noted the role of the U.S. in the world processes for the establishment of peace and security.

“The latest actions of the Trump administration are those adequate actions that will force the aggressor to reckon with the democratic world, respect the rights of people,” the prime minister added.

He is also convinced that now is the time for clear and qualitative actions that will stop the Russian aggression, allow the civilized world to establish peace not only on the European continent, but throughout the world.

“No one today takes away from Russia the right to build a qualitative system for the development of the domestic economy, no one takes the opportunity to create benefits for their citizens and no one has taken away the opportunity to be part of the world,” Groysman said.

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