Ukraine celebrates Day of State Coat of Arms

State Coat of Arms of Ukraine

Today, on February 19, Ukraine celebrates the Day of the State Coat of Arms. Thus, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the Tryzub (Trident) as the small coat of arms on February 19, 1992.

It is considered to be the main element of the great coat of arms, which is not officially adopted yet.

The competition on the creation of the project of the State Coat of Arms of Ukraine was announced on June 24, 1991, according to the regulation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The working group-jury consisting of MPs, historians, art historians and museum workers was created under the aegis of the Parliamentary Commission on Culture and Spiritual Revival. On October 4, 1991, the expert group summarized the results of the competition. Over 200 work were sent for the participation (all of them are kept in the Central State Archive of Bodies of Central Power and Governance).

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192 of them included the depiction of the trident in different contexts. The project of historian-heraldist Andriy Hrechylo and artist Ivan Turetsky won the competition. It was the trident in the graphic tradition of the reign of Vladimir the Great and it was chosen not by accident. During the reign of Vladimir the Great, all ethnic Ukrainian lands were united in one state.

In 1918, the trident was chosen as the coat of arms of Ukraine’s People’s Republic for the first time. It was the symbol of the unity of Ukrainian lands. Such coat of arms has the idea of the renewal of the tradition of nationhood.

On January 20, Ukraine celebrated the Day of Unity. This year it was the 101st anniversary since the Act of Unity of the-then Ukrainian People's Republic and Western Ukrainian People's Republic was declared at Sofiyska Square in Kyiv.

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