Court arrests suspect in Nozdrovska murder for two months

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The Vyshgorod District Court of Kyiv region has chosen a preventive measure in the form of detention of Yuriy Rossoshansky, who is suspected of killing lawyer Iryna Nozdrovska.

The corresponding ruling was passed at a sitting by Judge Oleksiy Rudiuk on January 9.

“To apply to suspect Yuriy Rossoshansky a preventive measure in the form of detention in Kyiv remand center for a period of 60 days, without a bail option,” the ruling says.

The term of Rossoshansky’s detention has been set until March 8 inclusive.

This ruling can be appealed in the Appellate Court of Kyiv region.

Nozdrovska, a resident of the village of Demydiv in the Vyshgorod district of Kyiv region, was found dead on January 1, 2018. A murder inquiry was opened, and 300 officers of the National Police were put on the assignment.

According to Petro Poroshenko Bloc’s deputy Mustafa Nayyem, Nozdrovska was long insisting on convicting the man who killed her sister, Svitlana, in a road accident in September 2015. “The girl was hit by a drunk driver, a nephew of the Vyshgorod District Court chairman, Dmytro Rossoshansky. Formal elements of the crime were obvious, but the family had to seek justice for more than two years. Iryna Nozdrovska, a career lawyer, was personally handling the case and addressing the court, which led to numerous threats made by the defendant and his family,” Nayyem said on Facebook.

“In June last year, she managed to achieve justice. Rossoshansky was sentenced to seven years in prison. On December 27, the court heard an appeal. The court rejected an appeal lodged by the killer’s lawyers, sent the case to a trial court and extended the defendant’s arrest for 60 days. The father of the accused threatened Iryna: ‘You will end badly.’ And two days later, on December 29, Iryna disappeared,” Nayyem said.

In the evening of January 8, Yuriy Rossoshansky – Dmytro Rossoshansky’s father – was arrested as the suspect in the murder of the human rights activist was detained pursuant to Article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.

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