Ukraine to inform partners, OSCE about killing of medic in Donbas - Kuleba.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry will inform its international partners and the OSCE on July 14 about the killing of a Ukrainian medic by Russian mercenaries in Donbas, which may constitute a war crime, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said.

"I will start with tragic news - the murder of a Ukrainian medic who provided assistance to a wounded soldier and who had all the insignia of a medic. I want to say that from a legal point of view, this murder has signs of a war crime, and from a moral point of view, it is nothing more than an act of barbarism," he said during an online briefing on Tuesday, July 14.

Kuleba added that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry would inform its international partners about another gross violation of international humanitarian law.

"In particular, today I will hold a meeting with the OSCE Representative in the Trilateral Contact Group, Ms. Heidi Grau, and we will also discuss this issue in detail," the diplomat said.

He said the murder of a Ukrainian doctor would not go unnoticed by Ukraine's international partners and promised to do everything possible to make the enemy pay a high price for this crime.

Russian-backed forces killed a Ukrainian medic in Donbas on July 13.


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