Two-thirds of planet may infected with Covid-2019.

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Two-thirds of the world population may get infected with the new Chinese coronavirus as Bloomberg reported citing advisor of the World Health Organization (WHO) Ira Longini.

According to Longini who monitors the spread of the virus in China, each diseased usually transmits the infection to two-three people. It is very difficult to monitor the spread of the disease due to the absence of express-tests and due to the reason that some carriers of the infection have symptoms of coronavirus in the weak form. According to him, the isolation of the diseased and quarantine will not stop the coronavirus. However, the WHO believes that the measures assumed in China provide the rest of the world with time to prepare for the fight against infection.

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As we reported, most frequently, the spread of the coronavirus is taking place across airborne transmission or direct contact.

Earlier we reported that CMA CGM URAL, the vessel from China is about to reach the docks in Odesa, southern Ukraine. None of the crew members appear to be carrying coronavirus; instead, some suffer from ARVI.

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