Tihipko could replace Honcharuk as Ukraine's Prime Minister.

Serhiy Tihipko

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President Volodymyr Zelensky may appoint businessman Serhiy Tihipko as the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Certain Ukrainian media reported that with references to their own sources.

According to various reports, Tihipko now negotiates with the government on this appointment.

Kyiv Post refers to three sources that claim that Zelensky considers Tihipko's candidacy. However, the interlocutors of the outlet were not authorized with the press on possible appointments since the negotiations with Tihipko were underway.

LB.ua assumes that the current Premier Oleksiy Honcharuk will have to leave at his own will.

"The issue is settled. Honcharuk is protected with the immunity, so he will leave at his own will. An extraordinary session will be summoned next, and the voting on the appointment will take place", a source said.

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Another interlocutor added that the IMF mission in Kyiv will be over on February 26, and then the new Premier's candidacy may be announced. According to a source in the Parliament, there are enough votes for Tihipko's appointment; the MPs will support the President's candidacy.

Serhiy Tihipko served as the Head of National Bank of Ukraine in 2002-2004; he also worked as member of the National Security and Defense Council and chaired various governmental committees, councils and other authorities. He also represented Ukraine in the CIS structures. In 2004, he left the politics and focused on managing TAC financial group. In late 2016, he was elected Chairman of the Directors' Board of TAC group. In 2010 he conducted a successful presidential campaign and came third in the election.

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