Melania Trump shock: Kids expected FLOTUS to be ‘grumpy'.

Melania Trump interacted with British children at a Salvation Army centre in East London today where the kids involved remarked on the First Lady’s demeanour through the event. Much to their surprise, Mrs Trump showed excitement, and joy as she worked with the school children making Christmas wreaths, sparkly pipe cleaners and pine cones. Isabelle Bates, one of the year 5 student leaders who escorted the First Lady around the event, expressed surprise Melania Trump had never had a mince pie, traditionally served during the Christmas season.

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She said: “Everyone was asking her random questions, what do you do for Christmas and that.

"We were talking about mince pies and she said she never had one but she was going to try one tonight.

“I thought she was really fun, my impression of her was actually really nice.

“Everyone was expecting her to be very grumpy but she was actually very nice.”

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Melania Trump first lady
Melania Trump was savaged by children at salvation army charity event
Melania Trump
Melania Trump : Children at the Salvation army expressed their surprise the First Lady was not grumpy or sad

Another class member, Quiana Mullings, aged 9 said: “The First Lady looked sad but was actually very happy.

“I’m gonna be honest and say her make-up was a bit much.

“It made her look sad but actually she was very happy.”

The school children also chose to sing Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you”.

Melania Trump First Lady
Children at the salvation army charity event sang Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas is you

The First lady stood to the side while nodding her head to the music politely and smiling at the children performing.

Mrs Trump beamed throughout the visit, commending the Christmas hat-clad youngsters on their festive wear and chatting more generally about the festive season.


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Melania Trump
Melania Trump visited no10 yesterday as part of the NATO summit


The First Lady also joined US Embassy Marines to put gifts in bags to help with the Salvation Army's annual present appeal for local families.

She placed a white frisbee with her Be Best logo into one bag, and a football into another.

Mrs Trump then handed out Be Best branded ornaments to children in the choir after they finished their performance, before leaving in her motorcade.

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