Russia and the EU should improve relations, but not at expense of other states.

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German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier thinks the European policy towards the Russian Federation should not be limited solely to sanctions, ZIK reports.

During the Munich Security Conference he said the European Union and Russia should improve relations with each other.

In this case, Steinmeier noted that the change in relations should not occur at the expense of other states and peoples of central Europe.

“We need an improved EU attitude towards Russia and Russia toward the EU, but not at the expense of the states and peoples of central Europe,” he says.

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According to the German president, European policy towards Russia should not be limited to sanctions and statements with elements of condemnation.

Along with this, Steinmeier called for strengthening the dialogue with the Russian Federation, paying attention to the partner’s point of view, and also trying to understand the opponent and its interests.

Without this, he said, it would not be possible to maintain a nuclear agreement with Iran, as well as to achieve peace in eastern Ukraine.

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Frank-Walter Steinmeier criticized the US for neglecting its international duties and warned of an “increasingly destructive dynamic in world politics.”

"Year by year, we are distancing ourselves from the goal of international cooperation to create a more peaceful world," Steinmeier said in his opening address. He criticized world powers Russia and China before adding that "our closest ally, the United States, under the current administration itself rejects the idea of an international community."

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