Over 800,000 Idlib residents became refugees since December 1, 2019.


Since December 1, 2019, over 800,000 Syrians, mostly women and children, have left their homes in Idlib province, saving themselves from Russia-backed Syrian military campaign that aims to destroy the opposition in northwestern Syria. David Swanson, the UN regional representative for Syria reported that as quoted by Reuters.

"Unfortunately, most of the displaced perons (...) has currently exceeded 800,000 people. Civilians run in thousands, using trucks or by foot; often [they move] in the night, to avoid detection, in spite of very cold temperatures", Swanson said.

He assumed that the trend would remain; people will carry on and leave their homes, searching for a safer place in the areas next to the Turkish border.

Russian aircraft and Syrian artillery began shelling peaceful settlements in Idlib within the campaign to crush the opposition. Pro-Iranian militia supported the attacks, too.

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UN representatives claim that the region is on the brink of the humanitarian disaster.

About 400,000 people live in camps next to the Turkish border; they left Idlib and Aleppo, saving their lives amidst military action.

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