Donbas war update: Ukraine reports two ceasefire violations on Oct 23.


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Photo from UNIAN

Photo from UNIAN

The Ukrainian military says Russia-controlled armed groups in the Donbas warzone on Friday, October 23, committed two violations of the latest ceasefire agreement.

"In the past day, October 23, the Russian Federation's armed formations violated the ceasefire twice," the press center of Ukraine's Joint Forces Operation(JFO)Command wrote on Facebook in an update as of 07:00 Kyiv time on October 24, 2020.

In particular, enemy troops fired small arms near the village of Shumy. They also used an under-barrel grenade launcher and small arms near the village of Katerynivka.

Read also Fear and torture: Story of most terrifying prison in occupied Donbas The JFO HQ did not report any combat-related losses or injuries.

Since Saturday midnight, no attacks by Russia-controlled armed formations have been recorded, the JFO HQ said.

The situation is under full control of the Ukrainian military, the report assures.

Donbas ceasefire: Background

  • Participants in the Trilateral Contact Group(Ukraine, Russia, and the OSCE)on the peace settlement in Donbas on July 22 agreed on a full and comprehensive ceasefire along the contact line from 00:01 on Monday, July 27.
  • The new ceasefire regime was enforced at 00:01 Kyiv time on July 27.
  • On the very first day of the newly-agreed truce, Russia's hybrid military forces mounted three attacks on Ukrainian positions in Donbas, eastern Ukraine. Ukraine has reported more such violations since then.

Author: UNIAN

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