Ilovaiks Battle in 2014 to be investigated Prosecutor Chumak.

Viktor Chumak, the Military Prosecutor of Ukraine

The Military Prosecutor’s Office will investigate the reasons, which led to Ilovaisk Battle in Donbas in 2014 as Pravo na vladu reported citing new Military Prosecutor Viktor Chumak.

“Ilovaisk tragedy and things, which took place in Ilovaisk will be investigated and very carefully. The politicians may provide evaluation immediately that it is the treason or something else. The prosecutor does not possess such right so the classification of the things, which took place, will be and it will correspond to the criminal and criminal procedure legislation,” Chumak said.

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Ilovaisk battle, one of the most tragic pages in Ukraine's military history took place in August 2014. Back then, Ukrainian forces approached the city and were about to storm it so as to get rid of the units of pro-Russian separatists there. The city was almost liberated when regular Russian army units encircled a large group of Ukrainian troops there. The encircled Ukrainian units were offered to withdraw across the green corridor, as Russian troops guaranteed their safety. When the withdrawal process began, the enemy started shooting. Over 300 Ukrainian servicemen lost their lives in the obnoxious attacks; many more were wounded.

British investigation group has released new pieces of evidence of the Russian army fighting in the 2014 Battle of Ilovaisk. The Guardian came up with a report about T-72B3 tanks, which at that specific time were used only by the Russian military. These were employed in the Battle of Ilovaisk; they were spotted near the town in Donetsk region in August and September 2014.

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