Cheese imports into Ukraine almost triple in H1

Imports of rennet cheese alone totaled 16,500 tonnes.



Ukraine in the first half of 2020 (H1) boosted cheese imports by 2.9 times year-over-year (y-o-y).

In particular, imports of rennet cheese alone totaled 16,500 tonnes over the period under review, the Infagro Analytical Agency said on its website on July 17.

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Overall sales of cheese in H1 stood at 46,000 tonnes, that is, the imports accounted for a third of the Ukrainian market.


The share of imported cheeses is expected to be growing. In 2021, every second kilogram of cheese in Ukrainian stores may be an imported product.

Exports on the decline

At the same time, shipments of Ukrainian cheese abroad significantly shrank in the six months of 2020, to 1,800 tonnes.

One of the reasons is that prices of Ukrainian-made cheese are higher than those of imported products.


Ukraine in January-March 2020 (Q1) boosted dairy food imports by 2.6 times y-o-y, to US$67.4 million.

At the same time, shipments of Ukrainian dairy products abroad shrank by 9.3%, to US$44.7 million.

In particular, exports of cheese shrank by 26.1%, to 1,200 tonnes, those of condensed milk and cream by 25.3%, to 4,400 tonnes, and shipments of non-condensed milk and cream by 25.3%, to 4,400 tonnes.

Ukraine also increased imports of cheese by 2.5 times, to 10,200 tonnes, purchases of powdered and condensed milk abroad grew by 2.2 times, to 1,000 tonnes, and those of whey rose by 2.2 times, to 1,200 tonnes.

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