Ukraine is looking for a national idea. Khmelnytsky in Davos.

As reported by Censor.NET. The entrepreneur posted the video with the answers on his Facebook.

"The idea that can unite us all is an eternal question, and no one can give the answer in our country. We are still looking for it. Of course, we need to develop entrepreneurship, revise our attitude to business, to successful people who create jobs and pay taxes. What we can do better, either develop IT or agriculture, process or make money from transit, depends on the people who will do it. The smarter the nation and the more creative the people, the faster we will achieve the development of our country," said Vasyl Khmelnytsky.

After the World Economic Forum 2020 in Davos, the businessman also concluded that Ukraine should not wait for the next large-scale crisis, but rather focus on the development of the country in order to be ready for it. He emphasized that he had been most impressed by the speech of US President Donald Trump.

To recap, the World Economic Forum in Davos 2020 takes place on January 21-24. It has already been attended by about three thousand officials from 117 countries, including 53 heads of states and governments. In addition, it has been attended by more than 1.6 thousand business-people and more than 120 representatives of youth organizations.

UFuture holding company of the entrepreneur Vasyl Khmelnytsky combines his businesses and social projects. The company has a diversified portfolio of assets in the field of real estate, infrastructure, industry, renewable energy, pharmacy and IT. The value of UFuture's assets is estimated at $ 550 million, and the total capitalization of the businesses it has invested in is more than $ 1 billion.

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