The «twelve steps» document proposed in Munich is a chimera, not a peace plan - Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

"This statement was widely spread in the Russian media. It is said that the document had been prepared by the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group which includes the representatives from the United States, Europe and Russia. The names of General Breedlove, head of the Munich Security Conference, Ambassador Ischinger, as well as former Foreign Minister of Russia Ivanov, and others are mentioned in the annotation," Arseniy Yatsenyuk wrote.

"Do not be misled by either any of the names on the list or the ideas that are proposed. The document by the "international experts" on the 12 steps towards peace in Donbas is a chimera," he stated.

The reason for such an assessment is obvious, Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed: "The document contains various recommendations. But it doesn’t include the most important one - to withdraw the Russian troops and it's occupation administration from Ukraine and to regain the control of our state border".

"Therefore, this impulse is empty. And the hollowness should not be taken seriously," he wrote.

At the same time, the People’s Front leader stressed, "it is necessary for us to pay attention to the following two theses of this document, since they explain everything": "The so-called "step eight" involves drawing up a roadmap for lifting sanctions against Russia. And the so-called "step twelve" advises launching a "new national dialogue about identity" in Ukraine with the participation of all Ukraine's neighbors".

"What do these proposals mean? We are offered to accept the Russia’s conditions, to pay for them, and on the basis of our own fulfillment of these conditions - to lift sanctions against the aggressor. And then comes Russia and creates us their version of "true Ukraine" instead of Ukrainians themselves. It will never happen," Arseniy Yatsenyuk stated.

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