1,100 foreigners got Ukrainian citizenship in 2019

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In 2019, 1,100 foreigners, mostly Russians, got the citizenship of Ukraine as Ukrainian News reported.

“During 2019, 1,090 people were granted the citizenship of Ukraine by orders of the President of Ukraine,” the message said.

In January-May (mostly during the presidency of Poroshenko) 652 people were granted Ukrainian citizenship and since June (during the presidency of Zelensky) – 438 people.

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Mostly Russians got Ukrainian citizenship at Poroshenko (97 people) and Zelensky time (84 people).

In 2019, 181 citizens of Russia, 124 Syrians and 105 Armenians got the citizenship of Ukraine, while 89 people had no citizenship before.

Besides, 63 persons from Iran, 60 from Iraq, 50 from Lebanon, 49 from Afghanistan, 41 from Moldova, 34 from Uzbekistan, 33 from Jordan, 32 from Belarus, 31 from Georgia and 31 from Azerbaijan became the citizens of Ukraine.

Moreover, 25 persons from Egypt, 23 from Turkey, 19 from Nigeria, 14 from Pakistan, 11 from India, eight from Yemen and Morocco, seven from Vietnam, six from Cameroon and Sudan and five from Kazakhstan and Libya got Ukrainian citizenship.

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Four persons from Algeria, three from Palestine, Turkmenistan and Guinea, Ethiopia and Bangladesh, two from Cuba and Tunisia, one from Latvia, Mongolia, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Ghana, Madagascar and Brazil.

Despite 1,100 people granted Ukrainian citizenship by President’s orders, 20,200 people became the citizens of Ukraine in 2019.

As we reported, the Cabinet of Ministers has simplified the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship for volunteers who participated in the combat actions in Donbas.

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