Derkach invites Biden to testify in Ukrainian court via videoconference.

Member of the Parliament of Ukraine Andrii Derkach (independent MP) invited former US Vice President Joseph Biden to Ukrainian court to answer questions related to Burisma Gas Company.

As Derkach wrote on his Facebook page, Burisma defends in court the honor and dignity of one of the leaders of the US Democratic Party, former US Vice President Joe Biden.

“Once again: the company of the runaway minister (from the time of the presidency of Viktor – IF-U) Yanukovych defends the dignity of an American politician – a candidate‎ for the highest state post in the States ... it makes sense to interrogate the participants of this high-profile international democorruption scandal. Therefore, Biden and his son Hunter (one of Burisma top managers) were summoned to court" Derkach wrote, disclosing the scan copy of the statement.

According to the MP, there are many questions to Biden.

“I invite Joseph to personally talk about how he took $900 thousand for the services provided. I think we will hear a lot of interesting things about what kind of services it was. How Biden pressured Ukraine, manipulating $1 billion in United States loan guarantees. How he got Shokin fired. What other amounts have been received. What was so important that his son Hunter did for the company that he received millions. There are many questions" Derkach wrote.

He also assumed that the Bidens will not fly to Ukraine.

“Therefore, I suggest interrogating them in a videoconference mode. I think that for one of the key candidates for the presidency of the United States from the Democratic Party, it should be a matter of honor to personally give explanations to the court about his actions. Democorruption must be investigated. Even if it is led by top US politicians" Derkach summed up.

Earlier, Derkach, referring to files of the investigation in a number of criminal proceedings, claimed that former US Vice President Joe Biden received $900 thousand for lobbying activities from the Burisma Group oil and gas company. At a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine News Agency on October 9, 2019, the Member of the Parliament disclosed these documents, stressing that the criminal proceedings describe the mechanism for receiving money by Joe Biden.

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