Ukraine ranks second in Internet cheapness ratings

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Ukraine was ranked second in the world Internet cheapness ratings in terms of price/quality ratio. The average price amounted to 6,64 dollars/month, reports.

"Broadband in Ukraine is fast and cheap, though take-up is still relatively low – around half the population has internet access compared to 90% in the UK, for example," the message reads.

Syria was able to get first place, but it should be noted, however, that this is largely due to the ongoing collapse of the Syrian Pound.

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Third place belongs to Russia, whose providers offer speeds of up to 700Mbps at an average price of just 9,77 dollars per month.

The five most expensive consumer broadband packages on the planet are found in Mauritania ($1333.78), Turks and Caicos Islands ($1488.11), Mauritania ($4386.95), Yemen ($8333.33) and Eritrea ($15051.29).

As we reported earlier, the Russian Federation has successfully tested a country-wide alternative to the global internet. It has been announced by its government, BBC informed.

Specific details on tests were not provided but, according to the Ministry of Communications, ordinary users did not notice any changes.

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