They shall call it ‘mini-moon’: Car-sized object found orbiting Earth.

Astronomers say the relatively tiny object has been circling the Earth for about three years — but it won‘t be there much longer.

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Alberta leaders denounce racism as Black community calls for action.

After a weekend of pain and unrest across America, leaders in Alberta are speaking out against racism.

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George Floyd protests: Trump says he will deploy military if states don’t mobilize National Guard.

Trump, who said the measures would be effective immediately, has not yet deployed the American military to any states.

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«Condemn Few...» : Barack Obama Says Protesters Deserve Respect, Support

Former US President Barack Obama on Monday said that people protesting US deserve support and called for political solutions to address their grievances about criminal justice.

«Acts Of Domestic Terror» : Trump Condemns US Race Protests.

US President Donald Trump denounced "acts of domestic terror" after protests against the death of an unarmed black man in police custody devolved into days of violent race riots across the country.

George Floyd Death Was «Homicide» Caused By «Neck Compression» : Autopsy.

An official autopsy released Monday ruled that George Floyd, the African-American man whose death at police hands set off unrest across the United States, died in a homicide involving "neck...

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