Former Berkut fighters gather in Kyiv to honor memory of law enforcers deceased at Revolution of Dignity.

Former Berkut fighters gathered in downtown Kyiv to honor the memory of law enforcers deceased at Maidan on February 19

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On February 19, over 100 former Berkut fighters gathered in downtown Kyiv to honor the memory of law enforcers deceased at Maidan as Strana reported citing journalist Andriy Pavlovsky.

“Annually, after a bloody event of the Revolution at Maidan, we along with the Berkut fighters gather near the memorial at Walk of Glory, remembering deceased special forces employees,” Oleksandr Horoshynsky, the lawyer of former law enforcers said.

He also refused to comment where the Berkut fighters stay as they suspected in the mass shootings of the protesters at Maidan and they returned from Donetsk to Kyiv. According to the lawyer, it will be possible to get more information at the trial in Svyatoshynvsky court of Kyiv on March 17. The disclosure of their location threatens their security.

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As we reported, former Berkut fighters Oleksandr Marinchenko and Serhiy Tamtura who had previously been transferred to the occupied regions of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions as part of prisoner swap returned to Kyiv.

On December 28, Kyiv court changed the restrictive measure from the detention to the personal commitments for five former law enforcers – Oleh Yanyshevsky, Pavlo Abroskin, Serhiy Zinchenko, Oleksandr Marinchenko, and Serhiy Tamtura. All of them were suspected in the commitment of the crimes in Maidan. Moreover, former Berkut fighters are on the exchange list between Ukraine and occupied Donbas.

Later the protest started near Lukyanivske detention center. People stood against the release of former Berkut law enforcers.

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As we reported earlier, on December 29, Ukraine and representatives of the militant-held Donbas exchanged prisoners; these are political prisoners, POWs, and civilians, some of which were not even convicted. The venue was the Mayorske checkpoint in the Donetsk region.

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