One in 10 Brits believe their children will be minded by robot babysitters 25 years from now.

TOTS will be looked after by robot babysitters 25 years from now, a poll of 2,000 Brits forecast.

One in ten reckon android minders will be making meals and reading bedtime stories.

 Tots will be looked after by robot babysitters 25 years from now, a poll has forecast

Tots will be looked after by robot babysitters 25 years from now, a poll has forecastCredit: Getty - Contributor

And 44 per cent think there will be Terminator-style ’bots protecting our homes from intruders in the near future.

Millions of homes already have digital assistants such as Alexa or Siri.

The study found 35 per cent of Brits would let machines choose their fitness regime and 29 per cent would trust them to give medical advice.

Nearly a quarter would want their robot to pick their holidays for them and 17 per cent would let it choose their next car.

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Behavioural futurists Nadia and William Higham compiled the report for car site Cinch.

Nadia also predicted clothes buyers will be 3D-scanned to ensure a good fit and “personalised robot shoppers” will help pick outfits.

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