Yatsenyuk at Kyiv Security Forum: 'Putin's eyes are full of blood'.


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The Normandy Four countries and the United States should make Russia fulfill the Minsk agreements in the Ukrainian interpretation or they should set a condition that Russia signs a new international legal agreement with security guarantees for Ukraine and the guarantees of the return of Donbas and Crimea, according to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the head of the Kyiv Security Forum(KSF)and Ukraine's prime minister in 2014-2016.

Yatsenyuk stressed at the Kyiv Security Forum on October 23 that the Minsk process had fulfilled its function. He recalled that first of all, the Minsk agreements were aimed at stopping large-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine.

"The Minsk agreements are not being fulfilled for only one reason – they are not being fulfilled by Russia. There is a very clear violator of the agreement - Putin," he said.

He said that today there are only two options on the table: "The first option is when the Normandy format countries, namely Ukraine, Germany and France, as well as the United States, have a unified interpretation of the Minsk agreements and force Russia to execute the Minsk agreements in the Ukrainian interpretation."

Another option, Yatsenyuk stressed, is that Ukraine, Germany and France, together with the United States, declare that Russia does not fulfill and is not going to fulfill the Minsk agreements.

"Then these countries, together with Ukraine, must demand that Russia sign a new international legal agreement with security guarantees for Ukraine, with the guarantees for the return of Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea as sovereign territories of the Ukrainian state," he said.

"I do not believe that it's possible to achieve peace in Ukraine through talks with Putin and the attempts to see something in Putin's eyes. What can you see in a person's eyes if those eyes are bloodshot? Putin's eyes are full of blood. One cannot see anything there, except suffering, war, oppression and fight against Ukraine," Yatsenyuk said.


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