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The heaviest star in the universe has been discovered and it’s ‘almost too massive to exist’

The Sun

THE heaviest star in the universe has been discovered — and it’s only 15 miles wide. It is more than twice the mass of the sun, meaning a sugar cube of it would weigh 100million tons. That is the same weight as the entire human population. Known as a neutron star, it is the compressed […]

Northern Hemisphere Just Had Its Warmest Summer Since 1880


The Northern Hemisphere just had its hottest summer on record since 1880, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data released Monday. NOAA found the average global surface...

Why This Scientist Keeps Receiving Packages of Serial Killers’ Hair

New York Times

Getting sufficient DNA out of a rootless hair has long been considered impossible. A scientist, better known for work with ancient fossils, has figured it out. It’s a game-changer for crime and surveillance.

A Shadowy Industry Group Shapes Food Policy Around the World

New York Times

The International Life Sciences Association, with branches in 18 countries, is funded by giants of the food and drug industries.

How Long Before These Salmon Are Gone? ‘Maybe 20 Years’

New York Times

Warming waters and a series of dams are making the grueling migration of the Chinook salmon even more deadly — and threatening dozens of other species.