Number of COVID-19 cases confirmed worldwide surpasses 32.


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A COVID-19 update as of Sept 27 / REUTERS

A COVID-19 update as of Sept 27 / REUTERS

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world exceeded 32.8 million patients as of Sunday morning.

As many as 32,840,145 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases had been reported as of 08:23 a.m. on September27, which was 277,000 more than 24 hours before, according to the Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering(CSSE)at Johns Hopkins University.

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The global death toll is 994,146 people, while 22,715,575 coronavirus patients have already recovered worldwide.

The highest death toll was recorded in the United States(204,491 people), Brazil(141,406), India(94,503), Mexico(76,243), and the United Kingdom(42,060).

The countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic include the United States(7,078,088 confirmed cases), India(5,992,532), Brazil(4,717,991), Russia(1,138,509), and Columbia(806,038).

Ukraine ranks 25th(200,566)after Israel(227,100), being followed by Canada(153,770).

As many as 188 countries have been affected by the virus.



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