«Vlast Deneg» Magazine Named the 25 Most Successful Ukrainian Brands.

The magazine has published a list of the 25 most successful Ukraine-based brands, which includes companies from various economic sectors.

The rating includes such brands as ATB supermarket chain, Metinvest mining and metallurgical group, Darnitsa pharmaceutical company, Lvivske beer, Morshinskaya mineral water.

“These are the brands of Ukrainian companies that managed to win top positions in their industries and gain popularity all over the country. Each of them was able to find the key to the consumer in their own way – product authenticity, excellent quality, affordable pricing policy or non-standard marketing moves – and due to this, their brands are now on everyone’s lips” – magazine’s editorial staff explains.

Among the companies mentioned on the list there were some that went through a rebranding last year. For instance, Darnitsa introduced its new logo – the microscope-shaped letter «d».

“This is a reflection of our goals and growth vector. Last year, we began a large-scale transformation and defined several strategic areas: digitalization, leadership in complex generics and creating an international brand,” – Andrei Obrizan, Darnitsa CEO, commented.

As reported, in November 2019 Korrespondent magazine ranked Darnitsa as the most expensive pharmaceutical brand in Ukraine, valuing it at $172.2 million

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