112.ua: 12 mortar explosions reported in Ukraine since 2014

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Since 2014, twelve mortars of the Ukrainian army exploded during field tests, which resulted in casualties among servicemen. Ihor Chepkov, the head of the Central Research and Development Institute of Arms and Military Vehicles of Ukraine’s Armed Forces said that during the Parliament’s Defense Committee.

‘If we take a closer look at the situations, which resulted in the losses among the staff, we’ll learn that 12 explosions occurred over this time. Eight of those were Molot mortars (the same kind of the weapon that was destroyed during the recent incident, – 112 International). Three of those were destroyed due to double loading, four blasted due to the premature trigger operation, and one more was destroyed due to a combat collision. Another four cases took place, when B11 mortar wad double-loaded’, Chepkov said.

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