State Investigation Bureau to create special department for Maidan cases investigation.

State Investigation Bureau (SIB) will create a special Department for investigation of ‘Maidan cases’. It also plans to hold meetings with the representatives of public organizations Homeland of Heavenly Hundred Heroes and Invictus Maidan – 18.02 as the SIB reported citing its Head Iryna Venedyktova.

It is reported that the SIB holds 49 criminal proceedings on Maidan cases. Venedyktova reported to the families of Heavenly Hundred Heroes and their representatives about the progress of their investigation.

“Our investigators have filed two ‘Maidan cases’ to the court – on kidnapping and murder of journalist Vasyl Serhienko and former militia investigator who detained the partakers of the protests illegally. A former fighter of Omega special forces is notified on suspicion in murder and attempted murder of Maidan protesters,” she noted.

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Soon, the SIB will create a special Department for investigation of crimes committed due to mass protests in 2013-2014.

“The competition for the position of the head of this department will be announced soon. One of the criteria of the selection is the experience of the candidate in the investigation of ‘Maidan cases’. Besides, this department will be supplemented by new staff,” Venedyktova noted.

As we reported earlier, the Revolution of Dignity embraces political and social changes that took place in Ukraine from November 21, 2013, to February 2014. They were caused by resistance against the departure of the country's political leadership from the legislatively fixed course towards European integration and its subsequent abandonment of this course.

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On February 18, 2014, after activists refused to fulfill the ultimatum of the security forces to end the resistance, one of the bloodiest assaults of the Maidan began. It lasted until February 20.

More than a hundred people were killed in the shootings. They are called the Heavenly Hundred, and their memory is annually honored on February 20.

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