Yermak wants to make Ukraine «investment Mecca»

The newly appointed head of the President's Office of Ukraine Andriy Yermak notes that he will continue to deal with foreign policy issues further being in his new position so that Ukraine remains in the center of world focus, and this would bring concrete results.

"Foreign and external areas will certainly remain in the sphere of my attention, and I will deal with them. I believe that today Ukraine is in the main focus of world attention, and we cannot lose this chance. Everything needs to be done to ensure that attention and interest, which we have today, and we feel during the international visits of the President of Ukraine, bring specific results," he said at a briefing at the President's Office on Wednesday.

Yermak emphasized that the authorities want to make Ukraine an "investment Mecca."

"We have concrete steps, specific programs on how to do this. Today our governors received this task, and the Ukrainian government is engaged in this and everyone who is involved in work to improve the investment climate in Ukraine," he said.

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