Pride Run is a party-popping rhythm game with Vladimir Putin as a final boss.

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IF you’ve ever fancied giving pixel Putin on a bear the slap down, then this glorious action rhythm treat is perfect for you.

Imagine if Street Fighter, Just Dance and Frogger all joined up for a massive rave and got wasted. Well, the result would be Pride Run.

 Pixel Putin on a bear is one of the end of level bosses

Pixel Putin on a bear is one of the end of level bosses

It’s got pink flying ponies, fantastic “fierce” power-ups and, did I mention, pixel Putin riding a bear.

Granted, it’s a world away from the likes of Guitar Hero but that doesn’t mean it won’t be any less fabulous.

More importantly, Pride Run is colourful and effervescent game from which 10% of its proceeds will go towards Kaleidoscope Trust, a charity working to uphold the rights of the LGBTQ+ community internationally.

Created by Italian studio IV Productions and published by Green Man Gaming, it’s much more than a simple beat matching game. Pride Run offers a challenge for gamers of all abilities.

 Dance off against the haters to spread the love

Dance off against the haters to spread the love

 Fierce power-ups can be gained during your parade

Fierce power-ups can be gained during your parade

Vanilla mode tasks the player with keeping their own Pride parade on track by sticking to a beat.

But on Hard Mode, real-time tactics and strategies are needed to protect parade haters from across the globe (ahem, Pixel Putin).

Pride Run also features a quality soundtrack, an intuitive control system and up to 16 cities around the world where you can spread love and pride.

The brilliant video also hints at end-of-level boss dance-offs which would be utterly brilliant if the case.

David Clark, Managing Director of Green Man Gaming Publishing, said: "Since before we announced Pride Run back in July, the most important goals for Green Man Gaming have been to really get behind our corporate values of inclusivity and diversity.

"We’re very happy to be able to demonstrate this through our partnership with Kaleidoscope Trust, where we’ll be able to donate to a great cause that works to uphold the rights of the LGBTQ+ community internationally."

 The colourful rhythm game also offers up pink flying ponies

The colourful rhythm game also offers up pink flying ponies

 Keep to the beat in order to lead the parade through the city

Keep to the beat in order to lead the parade through the city

Kaleidoscope Trust Executive Director Phyll Opoku-Gyimah added: "We believe it should never be illegal to be you, yet over 70 countries make it a crime for LGBT+ people to be who they are and to love who they love.

"In many countries around the world people cannot live freely as LGBT+ individuals, much less attend Pride events where they live.

"We are therefore delighted to announce our partnership with Green Man Gaming and are pleased that the company has such an inclusive policy in what we understand can sometimes be a toxic environment for LGBT+ gamers."

Pride Run is a co-development with Steam Factory. Headed up by Giacomo Guccinelli, the team have delivered the super coloured, retro pixel over the top art style of the game.

It will launch on Steam for PC on October 11 for £15.49, with 10% going to Kaleidoscope Trust.

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