Protest against integration of Belarus with Russian Federation held in Kyiv.

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On Saturday, December 7, a rally in support of Belarusian people in the fight against integration with Russia was held in Kyiv. It is reported by

“Several dozen activists with Belarusian flags gathered on the Maidan. Later they went to the Belarusian embassy,” the report said.

In front of the embassy protesters burned the Russian flag, portraits of Putin and Lukashenko.

It is noted that the organizers of the rally are the Razom Solidarity Movement and the OUN Volunteer Movement.

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Earlier two protests against the "deepening integration" between Belarus and Russia are taking place in the center of Minsk on December 7.

It is reported that not a single action is authorized by the Belarusian authorities.

Protests are scheduled for December 7, because it is on this day in Sochi Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin meet. It is assumed that at the meeting they will discuss "deepening integration" on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the creation of Belarus and Russia "union state". What documents they have to sign and what kind of "road maps" of integration the governments of the countries are discussing are not disclosed.

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