Democratic Axe party files lawsuit due to being refused to participate in elections to Kyiv City Council.


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KYIV. Sept 28 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Democratic Axe (Demokratychna Sokyra) political party is filing a lawsuit due to the fact that Kyiv City Territorial Election Commission did not allow it to participate in the elections to Kyiv City Council, the co-founder of the Democratic Axe party, number one on the party's electoral list in Kyiv city ​​council Yuri Hudymenko Democratic Axe.

"Now in fact, we have our hands untied. And with our hands untied, we will do exactly what we do best, namely fight. We are going to court. The decision will be made by the District Administrative Court of Kyiv, the same one that we tried and we are still trying to disband. It is headed by judge Vovk, whom we tried to prosecute for corruption. In this battle we will win, I have no doubt about that, because all the solutions that we found in similar cases in the last local elections, were adopted in favor of the parties, and not in favor of their withdrawal," Hudymenko said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Monday.

He said that the party was not allowed to participate in elections under the pretext of paying deposit from an improper legal entity.

"Two days ago, in the evening, Kyiv City Territorial Election Commission withdrew the Democratic Axe party from the elections to Kyiv City Council on the fourth attempt. As of now, we are the only party that was not allowed to participate in the elections in Kyiv. The reason, under which we were not allowed, is ridiculous and absurd. This reason lies in the fact that we have paid the deposit from an improper legal entity," Hudymenko said.

He also said that he considers this decision political.

"In my personal opinion, this decision is exclusively political. Kyiv is the center of our activity. You all know that the Democratic Axe party is one of the participants in the Movement of Resistance to Capitulation, the most active participant in street protests, one of the key street players in general. Our activity here is great, all our forces are here, we are the strongest here, here we have been working for two and a half years. During this time we have gained not only ratings, but also a reputation. This is what is under threat now," the party representative said.

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