At first my boyfriend couldn’t get enough of me but now he has no sex drive.

DEAR DEIDRE: THE sex drive of my boyfriend is way lower than mine and he expects me to be fine with it.

I am 32, he is 33 and we have been together for a year.

 I thought I could control myself and put up with my boyfriend's low sex drive but enough is enough

I thought I could control myself and put up with my boyfriend's low sex drive but enough is enoughCredit: Alamy

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At first he could not get enough of me. It was two or three times a day. But now I am lucky if it is once a week.

He prefers masturbating to sex. He also enjoys me pleasuring him but he never does it for me.

I have tried not to be pushy and to control my sex drive but he has not tried to stop what he enjoys.

When we do have sex, I have to talk him into it.

DEIDRE SAYS: Maybe he is watching too much porn. This can blunt the appetite for sex with a partner.

My e-leaflet Internet Pornography Worries will help you to discuss this with him.

Be firm that, if he wants you to pleasure him, he should be willing to do the same in return.

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