NewsOne TV channel journalists beaten up during filming illegal mask trade.

NewsOne TV channel journalists

A journalist group of NewsOne TV channel was attacked during a journalistic investigation in the city of Krasiyliv of Khmelnytsky region. This is reported in the channel’s statement.

“Now during a pandemic, when the role of journalists is extremely important, NewsOne receives numerous requests from Ukrainians to cover the compliance with the quarantine rules. So, we were addressed by worried city residents in connection with the unauthorized sale of protective equipment - medical masks of unknown origin. When the journalistic group came to investigate the situation, the seller of masks hindered the shooting by all means: attacked the correspondent, pulled out a microphone from her hands, hid masks and inflicted bodily harm to the journalist. After turning to the hospital, the correspondent of the TV channel turned out to have numerous hand and finger injuries, and a cast was put on her hand. After that, the journalist turned to the local police station, where the criminal case under article 345-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine was opened on the fact of the attack. Now investigative actions are being held,” the document says.

The TV channel stresses that in this case, it is very important to take into account the general context of the incident - an attack on a journalist during quarantine and the introduction of an emergency situation in Ukraine when media workers need special protection. Journalists continue to carry out their work, no matter what, so this cynical attack requires special attention of law enforcement and government agencies, the statement said.

“On its part, NewsOne TV channel appeals to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine with a request that the newly created working group on the investigation of crimes against journalists at the Office of the Prosecutor General deal with this issue. In this difficult time for Ukraine, such a flagrant fact of physical violence against a journalist requires immediate intervention. We will continue to do our job and promptly inform viewers about the pandemic situation in all regions of Ukraine. NewsOne is the only independent channel!” channel’s statement reads.

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