Deaths from hantavirus in China: What is this virus and how dangerous is it?.


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A man died from a hantavirus in China. A number of news agencies have wrote about it, including the Chinese Global Times.

According to the agency, a resident of Yunnan province died from a hantavirus. He died on a bus headed to Shandong.

The doctors began to check 32 passengers who were in the bus.

Information about the appearance of the hantavirus amid the ongoing Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic has frightened the world. Is there anything to be scared of?

What is hantavirus?

As Global Times writes, hantavirus, also known as epidemic hemorrhagic fever, or renal syndrome hemorrhagic fever, is an acute viral infectious disease mainly characterized by fever, tendency to bleed, and kidney damage.

In general, there are 21 types of hantaviruses. The name comes from the causative agent of Korean hemorrhagic fever, discovered in 1978 in South Korea. It was discovered near the Khantan River.

According to the MSD Handbook, hantaviruses are detected worldwide in wild rodents that spread the virus throughout their lives through urine and excrement.

Transmission occurs between rodents.


People can get infected through contacts with rats, food they touched and inhalation of fumes from rodent secretions. But the transmission from person to person, according to recent data, occurs rarely.

As Global Times writes, unlike the COVID-19, the hantavirus in most cases does not transmit through the respiratory system.

According to Yang Zhanqiu, a virologist at Wuhan University said “There is no need to worry about the hantavirus .”

“Hantavirus disease is preventable and controllable and there are vaccines to prevent it. Its incidence in urban cities is very low as the disease is mainly found in rural villages where rats tend to appear when people are working in the field,” Yang explained.

It is known that the disease is common in Eurasia with infection cases in Russia, Finland, Sweden and China.

Symptoms of hantavirus

The main symptoms of hantavirus are fatigue, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, and fever. Also, a person may have difficulty breathing, sometimes headaches and dizziness.

Important note

Not so long ago, a case of hantavirus was diagnosed in Kyiv. It happened on March 13th.

According to UNN, a resident of Kyiv, who was treated in a capital’s hospital in January was infected with a hantavirus.

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