UN called on Ukrainian authorities to investigate facts of looting by military in Donbas.

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The UN Human Rights Office called on the Ukrainian authorities to investigate the looting among military personnel in the Donbas. The UN press service reports.

“The UN Human Rights Office calls on the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, the State Bureau of Investigation, the Military Prosecutor’s Office and law enforcement agencies to investigate all allegations of illegal use of housing for military purposes, as well as cases of robbery and theft committed by military personnel or law enforcement officials,” - it was informed.

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As noted in the report, looting was discovered in Avdyivka, where 30 apartment owners wrote complaints to the local police about the robbery or deliberate destruction of property.

The UN Office said that during the "fierce" battles that took place in Avdyivka from 2014 to 2017, the residents who remained in their homes should have left and had nowhere.

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"Neither local nor state authorities provided people with alternative housing or financial support," - the statement said.

As we reported, National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine has discussed and developed five scenarios of re-integration of the occupied areas of Donbas. This was the topic for discussion during the session, where the Council members prepared for the upcoming meeting of the Normandy Four leaders.

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