Chief of Ukraine delegation tells of Moscow's new offer in TCG, Kyiv's reaction.


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Leonid Kravchuk / Photo from UNIAN

Leonid Kravchuk / Photo from UNIAN

Russia's representatives in the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbas settlement have put forward a new proposal to be considered by the Ukrainian delegation, says Ukraine's top envoy, former president Leonid Kravchuk.

This happened last Wednesday during the latest round of negotiations via videoconference, Kravchuk told Ukraine 24 channel.

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Kravchuk also told how Ukraine reacted to the proposal.

"We suggested that... Ukraine isn't ready to consider this tomorrow. We will prepare our vision, our action plan, we reserved a week to this end. We will draft an action plan where we will build up our upcoming actions, steps, decisions necessary in order to achieve peace in Donbas. Our OSCE moderator, Ms.[Heidi] Grau, agreed. At the next meeting, which will be held tentatively on November 11, we will already consider this step-by-step action plan of how we will act in all spheres of life in Donbas. Perhaps this is the main thing for us," Kravchuk noted.

Donbas war: Latest

In zone of the Joint Forces Operation, two Ukrainian soldiers were killed as a result of enemy shelling on October 30.

On October 29, two soldiers were injured as the enemy violated ceasefire twice throughout the day.

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