Flooded Ocean Plaza: Answers to important questions.

Flooded Ocean Plaza

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Last night, a hot water pipeline broke near the Ocean Plaza shopping mall. The result has been extensive damage to the pavement, as well as the flooding of the ground floor of Ocean Plaza.

People had to be evacuated from the mall. Later it became known that in total 10 people turned for medical help. Three of the victims received medical care at the site and seven were hospitalized. All of them have light burns.

There are many questions now about the situation in Ocean Plaza and the surrounding area. Let's try to answer them.

What's going on in Ocean Plaza now?

The mall is temporarily closed. State Emergency Service reports that as of the morning of January 14 there are no floods anymore, the water has subsided.

The bypass branches of the heating system provide heating to the consumers.

Everything is closed around the mall, people are asked to bypass the place of breakthrough. Police are on duty at the shopping center and the police officers are regulating the traffic.

When the repair works be finished?

According to Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Petro Panteleyev, the preliminary information has it that traffic movement on Antonovycha Street, where the pipe breakthrough occurred, would be resumed on January 15.

Why did the pipe break?

Kyivteploenergo said that the pipe near Ocean Plaza was broken because of the physical deterioration of the heating system. According to the chief engineer of Kyivteploenergo Yuriy Palyvoda, this pipeline was built in 1987, and it needed replacement.

Will there be compensation for the victims?

Kyiv City State Administration intends to compensate loss for drivers whose cars were damaged due to a pipe break in the heating system near Ocean Plaza. The damaged car will be inspected and a special commission will come to a conclusion.

What do police say?

Upon the event criminal proceedings were opened under the article for deliberate destruction or damage to housing and utility infrastructure).

Later, police reported that the proceedings were re-qualified under the article for violation of rules on the safe use of industrial products or safe exploitation of buildings.

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