Ukraine, Slovakia to launch virtual gas reverse from March 1.

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Gas transmission systems of Ukraine and Slovakia will start the virtual reverse of natural gas from March 1. This was reported by the press service of Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine.

"LLC Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine and Slovak Gas Transmission System Operator Eustream a.s. are launching a virtual reverse through the Veľké Kapušany-Uzhhorod connection point from March 1, 2020," the statement reads.

The company specified that this reverse would be an addition to the capacity of the connection point in the Slovak Budince settlement, which had been used for natural gas imports to Ukraine since 2014.

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Thus, from March 1, operators will daily offer up to 10 million cubic meters of gas to the market.

As we reported earlier, Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities may interest Poland, Moldova, Romania and Hungary as Executive Director of Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine Serhiy Makohon stated on Facebook.

“We have significant infrastructure possibilities, which are not used fully now. For example, Ukrainian gas storages are the largest in Europe but currently, less than 50% is used. Our neighbors might be interested in our services on gas storage, particularly, Poland that announced the plans on the extension of its own gas storage. Moldova, Romania and Hungary also possess such need,” Makohon wrote.

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