Russian law enforcers check certain media for drug propaganda.

A number of media, specifically BBC, Radio Liberty and Meduza are currently checked for possible propaganda of drugs. This became public thanks to the commentary by Andrei Khrapov, the Chief of Anti-Drug Department of Russia's Interior Ministry who spoke with Interfax news agency.

"Articles of all media, including BBC, Radio Liberty and Meduza are being checked for drug propaganda and involvement of these banned substances in the turnover", Khrapov said.

Earlier, on February 13, Head of the Russian parliamentary committee for investigation into meddling with Russia's domestic affairs Vasiliy Piskarev charged the named media with the activity that "aims to legalize drug use in Russia".

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Piskarev also named several organizations that, according to him, are involved in the drug propaganda, including the International Republican Institute, National Democratic Institute, Atlantic Council, Open Society fund (all based in the U.S.), Open Russia (England), Man in Need (Czech Republic). The Russian MP believes that these organizations "incline people to mass riots so as to struggle for the legalization of drugs, publish articles on how to avoid responsibility for the legalization of drugs, and promote treatment of drug addiction with methadone".

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