Ukraine confirms 311 coronavirus cases

As of the morning of March 28, Ukraine had 311 laboratory-confirmed coronavirus cases.

"As of 10:00 on March 28, Ukraine had 311 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19, including eight deaths. Five patients recovered – four adults and one child. Ninety-three new cases were confirmed in the last 24 hours," the Public Health Centre of the Health Ministry of Ukraine informs.

In particular, coronavirus cases were confirmed in: Vinnytsia region – 16 cases; Volyn region – 2 cases; Dnipropetrovsk region - 7 cases; Donetsk region - 2 cases; Zakarpattia region – 1 one; Zaporizhzhia region – 10 cases; Zhytomyr region - 4 cases (1 death); Ivano-Frankivsk region - 28 cases (3 deaths); Kyiv city - 74 cases; Kyiv region - 41 cases; Luhansk region – 2 cases; Lviv region - 5 cases; Mykolayiv region – 1 case; Odesa region - 6 cases; Poltava region – 1 case; Rivne region – 9 cases (1 death); Sumy region – 5 cases (1 death); Ternopil region - 43 cases (1 death); Kharkiv region – 1 case; Kherson region - 1 case; Khmelnytsky region – 1 case; Cherkasy region – 3 cases; Chernivtsi region - 47 cases (1 death); Cherhihiv region – 1 case.

The virus reference laboratory of the Public Health Centre and the regional laboratory centers test the samples of suspected persons and the established contact persons. The laboratory has already tested more than 1,712 samples.


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