Ukraine streamlines procedure for granting combatant status to army volunteers – PM.

They will be entitled to benefits and social guarantees equal to those of war veterans.



Ukrainian Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk has said the Cabinet of Ministers on February 12 streamlined a procedure for granting combatant status to members of military volunteer groups.

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"The government has defined a clear mechanism for granting combatant status to members of volunteer groups," he wrote on Telegram channel.

"Prior to that, sometimes volunteers had to prove in court that they had defended the country's east [in the war with Russia-led forces]," he added.

According to Honcharuk, justice has been restored as volunteers will enjoy benefits and social guarantees equal to those of war veterans.

"They will also be able to get state social support, as well as assistance in social and professional adaptation after returning from military service," the prime minister said.

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