Number of deaths from COVID-19 in Ukraine doubled in month.


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The number of deaths from coronavirus(COVID-19)disease in Ukraine over the past month has more than doubled, from 61 to 125 per day(hereinafter – the weekly average), the Ministry of Health has said.

According to the data, this week was recorded two of the highest death rates for the entire period of epidemic, namely, some 165 people on September 27 and some 173 people on September 29.

The October rate of increase in the number of deaths from COVID-19, according to the Health Ministry, is higher than the September rate, when it was about 70%.

This dynamics of the number of deaths roughly corresponds to the dynamics of the number of cases(the last indicator is 6,900 people per day), but higher than the dynamics of the number of hospitalized people: it increased from 640 people to 1,000 people per day on October, or by 55%.

While all these indicators are constantly increasing and are at their maximum levels for the entire period of the epidemic, and in recent days there has been an improvement in only one indicator, namely, the proportion of positive PCR tests: it decreased from the level reached on October 22 of 19.6% to 17.8% by the end of the month. This was achieved due to an increase in testing up to 39,360 tests per day(as above – the weekly average indicator). Moreover, in the last three days, the maximum values for the entire epidemic were recorded of 41,950, some 47,160 and some 49,560, respectively.

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