Some 20% of Ukrainians didn't vote in local elections for health reasons – Rating opinion poll.


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In Ukraine, 20% of citizens did not take part in voting in local elections for health reasons, according to the results of a study conducted by the Sociological Group Rating on October 25.

According to the study, 20% of those who did not vote in the elections cited their health as the main reason, 19% - do not live at the place of registration, 15% - are busy on election day, 14% - did not know for whom to vote, 12% - are not interested in the elections, 10% - because of the coronavirus epidemic, another 4% have no elections in their city/village, 4% are absent on the lists.

So, if there was an opportunity to vote on-line, from home, then 46% of those who did not vote in local elections would still vote on October 25, 13% - 50/50, 14% - perhaps, and 25% - would not vote.

Also, according to a poll, among those who voted in local elections, 40% answered that it was difficult for them to deal with the ballots: for 13% it was very difficult and for 27% it was not difficult. At the same time, 35% of voters said that it was quite easy to do, and 25% - very easy.

In addition, 79% of those who voted believe that local elections are important for the country, but among those who did not go to the polls, only half think so. Also, among those who did not go to the polls, the relative majority feel disappointed with the situation in the country - 63%, and 32% of them feel hopeful. Those who voted give an ambiguous answer to the question: 44% are hopeful, 51% are disappointed.

In general, the emotion of hope(51%)and interest(24%)prevail among the voters, while those who did not vote feel disappointment(35%).

Audience: the population of Ukraine aged 18 and over in all regions, except for the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas. The sample population is 9,947 respondents including 1,200 respondents by CATI(Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)method based on a random sample of mobile phone numbers - a survey of those who did not vote in the elections. Representativeness of error: no more than 2.8%.

In addition, 8,747 respondents who took part in the elections were interviewed at the exit from 140 polling stations, randomly selected in accordance with the principle of uniformity. For a random selection of respondents, the sustainable step method was applied. Representativeness error: no more than 1.4%.

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