Fiona Bruce yells ‘I’m in charge’ as she slaps down Boris hecklers to huge applause on Question Time.

AWESTRUCK viewers called for Fiona Bruce to become Prime Minister after the Question Time host laid down the law to Boris hecklers.

The host, 55, shouted "I'm in charge" after a Corbyn-loving audience member yelled at Boris during the debate in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

 Fiona Bruce laid down the law to Question Time hecklers

Fiona Bruce laid down the law to Question Time hecklersCredit: AP:Associated Press

She told the heckler to "be quiet" - and reminded him "the programme is not just for you."

"This is not just for you this whole session. No, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But you’re going to have to stop there, otherwise it is just not fair on everyone else who has got their hands up.

"It just becomes an evening just for you and that’s not right. I think you have got as much of an answer as you are going to get. Can we hear...

"Hang on a minute! Hang on a minute! I am in charge of this thing!"

Her response won praise from Twitter users AND the Prime Minister.

One wrote: "Fiona Bruce was great at pointing out the candidates' b******t and gaining control of the audience. "Hang on a minute, I'm in charge of this thing", Hah, brilliant!"

Another added: '"Hang on here! I'm in charge of this thing." Fiona Bruce showing more leadership than we've seen in the UK in the last three years.'

And a third wrote: "I'm in charge... well said Fiona Bruce."

A fourth user even said: "Fiona Bruce for Prime Minister.

The audience member was heckling Boris for dodging a question about the report in to Russian political interference.

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