National Lottery Set For Life results: Winning numbers for Monday September 23, £10,000 a month for 30 years jackpot.

THE National Lottery Set For Life numbers are in and it's time to find out if you've won the top prize of £10,000 every month for 30 years.

Could tonight's jackpot see you start ticking off that bucket list every month or building your own start-up as a budding entrepreneur?

You can find out by checking your ticket against tonight's numbers below.

Good luck!

Tonight’s National Lottery Set For Life winning numbers are: 01, 19, 26, 28, 42 and the Life Ball is 03.

Monday 18 March 2019 saw the inaugural draw of Camelot’s newest National Lottery game.

The jackpot is an annuity-style prize — a guaranteed 'fat salary' of £10,000 every month for 30 years.

While the way the top prize is paid out is new to National Lottery players, the way to play Set For Life is straightforward.

You pick five main numbers from 1 to 47, and one ‘Life Ball’ from 1 to 10, for the chance to win fixed prizes – with everything from the top prize of £10,000 a month for 30 years*, to the 2nd prize of £10,000 a month for one year* if you get all the main numbers and not the ‘Life Ball’, to £5 for matching just two main numbers.

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The Set For Life game costs £1.50 per line and will be drawn every Monday and Thursday.

*Subject to prize capping - more information about prize capping will be available in the Set For Life Games Procedures.

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