Saving Baby Jose: 20 years have past since Edmontonians rallied to help child from Panama.

In 1998, Edmontonians joined together to save the life a child born in Panama with a life-threatening atrial ventricular septal defect.

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Stigma, shaming and fear: The hidden suffering of coronavirus around the world.

The spreading global pandemic has tested the competing interests of public health and privacy, with thousands of individuals experiencing both physical illness and the less-visible stigma that can come with it.

630 people have died due to coronavirus in New York state’s bleakest 24 hours.

Health experts calculate that New York, home both to bustling Manhattan and hilly farm country stretching to the Canadian border, might be around a week away from the worst point in the health crisis which has killed about 60,000 people worldwide.

Pakistan Vows To Appeal Acquittal Of Suspects In Daniel Pearl Murder.

Pakistan's foreign minister says the government in Islamabad will file an appeal against a court decision overturning the conviction of the British-born Islamic militant accused murdering Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002.

Boris Johnson's Pregnant Fiance Had COVID-19 Symptoms, Recovering.

Carrie Symonds, the pregnant fiance of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, said she had spent the past week in bed with symptoms of the novel coronavirus but after seven days of rest felt stronger...

«Dangerous Nonsense» : UK Minister Junks 5G-Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory.

A conspiracy theory that links 5G mobile telecommunications masts to the spread of the novel coronavirus is dangerous fake news and completely false, Britain said on Saturday after masts in several...

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