The Walking Dead boss reveals why Daryl lied about stolen supplies as he takes relationship with Connie to next level.

DARYL and Connie have grown closer than ever in the latest series of The Walking Dead.

After some initial chemistry, Daryl took it upon himself to start learning sign language to better communicate with Connie, a gesture that didn’t go unnoticed.

 The Walking Dead’s Daryl and Connie have sparked major romance rumours

The Walking Dead’s Daryl and Connie have sparked major romance rumoursCredit: AMC

This week their bond was tested when Daryl discovered that Kelly and Magna – who travelled with Connie before they settled at Hilltop – had been stealing supplies.

The pair had stockpiled a stash of food and medical items in the woods to ensure they didn’t have to succumb to rationing, while also keeping the option of a getaway open.

However, their secret was exposed as they were forced to dip into their stash to treat Kelly’s injuries as she fell and knocked herself unconscious while fleeing from walkers.

Daryl immediately made his disapproval known, but after Connie encouraged them to return the goods, decided not to expose them to the community.

 Daryl took Connie's hand as they searched for her sister in the woods

Daryl took Connie's hand as they searched for her sister in the woods

Upon returning home, Connie signed that Daryl was “family,” proof that their relationship was continuing to blossom.

Show boss Angela Kang explained Daryl’s motives for staying quiet, stressing his sense of loyalty and perspective were both at work.

“Daryl understands that this group is a very tight-knit group. He likes them, he has started to form a bond with Connie, and ultimately, they found a way to take everything back, and give it all back to the community, so the harm was mitigated,” she said.

“I think Daryl — being a character who has his own lone wolf instincts — there was probably a part of him that was like, ‘This was not the right thing to do, and yet if we fix it, what’s the point of stirring up a bunch of trouble for this group when they’ve learned their lesson from it?’

 Connie and Daryl first started bonding at the end of season nine

Connie and Daryl first started bonding at the end of season nineCredit: AMC

“In a way, that stash being out there actually did help at a moment when Kelly needed help, so it’s all things being equal,” she added to Entertainment Weekly.

When asked about the potential for romance, Kang remained on the fence, calling their feelings for one another “open to interpretation”.

However she did say a new sense of sensitivity and sympathy has been awakened in Connie since meeting Daryl.

“I think Daryl is in a place where he’s just looking at it in a wise way, and realising, we can fix the situation without making things worse for this group that has had some trouble in the past,” she concluded.

 Connie uses a slingshot to take out Walkers

Connie uses a slingshot to take out WalkersCredit: AMC

Elsewhere in the episode, viewers learned more about Magna’s backstory and complicated relationship with Yumiko.

It transpired that Yumiko served as Magna’s lawyer after she murdered a man who sexually assaulted her cousin.

After owning up to the crime, Magna pointed out that in the zombie apocalypse, most survivors have murdered to get by, a concept that clearly troubled Yumiko.

The Walking Dead airs Mondays on FOX in the UK and is available to stream on NOW TV.

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