80% of Russian humanitarian aid to Italy is useless. media.


About 80% of the humanitarian aid supplied by Russia to Italy for the fight against coronavirus is useless and has military and political components as La Stampa reported.

Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte accepted this aid for ‘the strengthening of personal relations’ with Russia.

Russia sent a lot of equipment and means of disinfection, while China helps with masks and lung ventilators.

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The Russians also sent to Italy a lot of military specialists on biological protection at senior ranks: generals, colonels and majors. All of them are enabled to freely move around the country, which is a NATO member.

Besides, the operation in Italy is coordinated by the Defense Ministry of Russia, not the Health Ministry.

As we reported, in Italy, 20% of doctors have become infected with coronavirus since the epidemic began to spread in the country. In Russia, where mortality from coronavirus is much lower, the authorities decided to help Italy in the fight against the epidemic.

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According to RBC, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu gave instructions to create a Russian Aerospace Forcesair group, which will begin supplying Italy with aid on March 22. Eight mobile teams of Russian military doctors and virologists, automotive complexes of aerosol disinfection of transport and territory, as well as medical equipment, will be delivered to the country.

As of March 26, over 470,000 cases of infection with the coronavirus Covid-19 were registered in the world.

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